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Mitro Repo

Email: mitro.repo(at)
Tel: +358 40 7061671

Mitro Repo in English

On these pages I wish to share with you information and thoughts on Europe and how politics could be better in the service of all of us.

For me, the most important thing is the human being. I promised in the course of my election campaign to act in the European Parliament as the human voice and this is what I intend to do.

The guideline in all my actions is to respect the rights of individuals and seek how the European integration could better benefit the ordinary people, you and me. And even though we are defending the individual, we must take care of each other together.


Mitro Repo
MEP Emeritus


Time is ripe for diplomacy -- EPToday(5/9/14)
This year it has been a hundred years since the First World War. In its very last plenary session of this parliamentary term, the European Parliament discussed centenary..

Time is ripe for diplomacy -- Helsinki Times(4/17/14)
Let us repeat some of the key past events in Ukraine. EU Member States´ foreign ministers mediated. President Yanukovych gave in for early elections, most likely..

Trucks to start lining up at the Swiss border?(4/14/14)
The Swiss referendum backing immigration quotas was a much debated topic also during the February plenary in Strasbourg. As a consequence, the results of the referendum..

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