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A new way of making politics

I am an Orthodox priest by profession and think that as priest I have served my parish. As a politician I continue to serve the whole society, my fellow people. At the same time I serve my own causes, I believe in them and am not ashamed of them.
In this sense a politician must be genuine and real. A politician must make use of his or her personality. We should not be too important or formal. We, making the decisions, should feel, experience and be mortal like all other people.
We must alter the image of politics and move from old divisions to a completely new kind of thinking. Good ideas should be supported and bad ideas neglected, regardless of the political party or ideology they stem from. It is not possible to make good political decisions without consulting all parties. Spreading nasty stories or rumours about fellow politicians is called gossiping and according to me has nothing to with politics. 

Politics will always include strategies, competition and games, but I believe that at the same time these games can be played in fair and more transparent manner. Politics can also be holy when it is fighting for the right causes.