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A whole human being

Consequences of the last recession as well as the current economic crises touch heavily all citizens - ordinary women, men and children. However, I am particularly worried about Finnish men and their exclusion from the society. During the last recession unemployed men were marginalised both economically and socially. As problems continued, these men lost ability to work, and sometimes even their lives.
Because of the tragedies of recent years psychiatrists and psychologists have raised the subject in the public debate. Some childrens psychiatrists have stressed that the fate of the Finnish man is already sealed in childhood. We should be able to raise our sons to be more social and extrovert. The most important skills in life should be learned in early childhood.
The last recession hit very hard not only employees but also entrepreneurs. Many lost their firms, family and everything. What was left was despair and bitterness. Now that these people have just come back on their feet again, we face a new economic crisis. We must do our utmost to avoid the same developments that took place in the early 90s' of happening again.
We must also understand social consequences brought about by the economic crisis. We need to draw our attention to the risk groups as early as possible.