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Active citizen

Every European is a political actor. We must all be ready to carry our responsibility and take part in managing our society and making decisions. In the end we are all political actors and decision makers. Together we are responsible for the future of our countries and the whole of Europe. 

The European Union is an enormous entity and knowing all details concerning the EU is not possible even for experts. The European Parliament deals with all imaginable things and therefore having a real in depth knowledge of all the issues is almost impossible. The EU is not foreign, but domestic politics. This goes for my country Finland as well as for other Member States. The Directives and Regulations affect us all in our everyday lives.
Despite the fact that the majority of our legislation comes from Brussels, EU-affairs seem very distant for most of us. Why is this so? I feel that the negative attitude towards the EU stems from two different problems: First, the national governments love to bash Brussels for everything negative. Secondly, the EU communication is either not sufficient at all, or has failed in many other aspects.
In the EU decisions are made exactly like in everywhere else. Reaching an agreement requires that different interests and views are taken into account. The ground rules are not much different from local or municipal politics and EU-politics need not to be more complicated that any other politics. I hope to communicate about European politics in a way that would make as many people as possible interested in how we could better together make decisions and manage the future of our continent.