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Finland in the EU

The EU membership has benefitted Finland in many ways. The annual cost of the membership is around 30 euros per person. With that amount we are able to live and work, buy and sell, study and travel without limitations everywhere in the EU. And we can do this without being afraid of war or other organised violence. Even if it is often taken granted, the European Union is also a peace project. This should never be forgotten.

In the EU, Finland is an active partner who is keen to develop the Union as a whole and wants to strengthen its cohesion. As all the other Member States, Finland defends its own interests in the EU. Even though some populists speak about the EU being zero sum game where only one can win at the time, this is not true.In the EU, what you receive is not automatically taken away from someone else. The question for the Member States is more about the ability to recognize the long term objectives of European integration and to be part in building a better Europe.