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Right to Religion

Freedom of religion is a fundamental right. Every one must have the right to believe and act for matters which he or she believes in. I have had to fight for my rights to exercise my profession as well as to act in politics. For this reason I want to defend freedom of religion and other human rights.
In Turkey, the ruling Justice and Development Party has acted in a very proactive way during the EU membership negotiations. However, it seems that party's willingness to enhance Turkey's human rights situation has decreased because of internal tensions in the country. The extremists accuse Justice and Development Party of selling Turkey to the West. Even though the Police has improved its methods in recent years, there are still problems related to the investigations of crimes against representatives of minority religions.
Christians have been persecuted, and churches and their property have been damaged frequently in recent years. Latest violent acts took place not long ago. Property of parishes of minority religions has been confiscated without any reason, and has not yet been returned. Turkey will become EU member only when it fulfils the fundamental Copenhagen criteria. I hope this day comes very soon.
We must continue to defend the freedom of religion and other fundamental rights!