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Serbia's future lies in the European Union

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The Commission evaluated and the Parliament commented on the Serbia's EU membership process in the annual progress report.

A particularly important stage in Serbia's path to EU is the Stabilisation and Association Agreement between the EU and Serbia that entered into force in September 2013. The agreement forms the framework for cooperation between Serbia and the EU. The next stage requires fulfilment of the political criteria, convergence with the EU acquis communautaire and preparing for the internal market. 

The main obstacles for Serbia´s democratic, social and economic development is corruption and organized crime. 

Ultimately the Serbian progress is about stability in Europe. Serbia's progress towards Europe will be beneficial to the entire Western Balkan region, where the country serves as an economic driver.

The break-up of Yugoslavia and the subsequent wars still haunt the society. Yet, the youngest generation has grown up during the time of peace and wants a europeanised Serbia. For them, a visa-free movement within the EU has been like the Berlin Wall - a sign of hope and freedom. 

Serbia should remember that every country desiring to become a member of the EU is considered based on its own merits and how the country is able to fulfil and implement the membership criteria. Serbia's future lies in the hands of the Serbs.

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