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European Schools

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The European Parliament Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) discussed in February about the situation of the European Schools. European Schools are schools where teaching is done in different languages, for example, for children whose parents have come to work in Brussels. These schools tend to provide a strong foundation for students in their own mother tongue, but also a good knowledge of other languages. Learning a foreign language starts as early as in the first grade. European Schools are usually in cities where the EU institutions and agencies are located. We have also one in Finland - the "Helsinki European School". 

Finnish officials´ and diplomats’ children are studying mostly in the European School of Brussels II, where it is possible to study in Finnish from preschool to high school matriculation! In charge of the entire European Schools system is a Finn, Secretary-General Dr. Kari Kivinen. The EU enlargement has increased the popularity of the European Schools. The schools grant their own European EB (European Baccalaureate) diploma. 

The Parliament´s CULT Committee agreed that each participating country should send a certain number of teachers to European Schools. The problem however is, for example, that Britain considers that it is providing more than it currently receives because its English-language teachers teach more students than only Brits. Therefore the UK has, for now, stopped sending teachers to the European Schools. The dispute could be solved with money, but unfortunately no solution has yet been found.

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